Recipe 4 a Story

The best way to become a good writer is practice, practice, practice! But sometimes, it's hard to get started.

Try out my recipe and stir up some great creations! 


1. Setting: A haunted mansion; a zoo; the top of a ferris wheel; an underwater cave; the basket of a hot air balloon; an empty warehouse; a glacier; another planet; a forest.

OR: Go to Google Images. Find a picture and build your story around the picture.

2.Characters: A boy, a girl, an animal, an insect, a fairy, a space alien, a robot, a force of nature, a man, a woman, a dragon.

3. Personality Traits: kind, lazy, selfish, generous, silly, sad, loving, cheerful, mean, jealous, grumpy, shy.

4.Theme. It's what connects the story emotionally to the reader: A search for love, a need for justice, greed, fear of death or pain, having to choose between right and wrong, rescuing a friend. 

5. Plot:overcoming a monster or technology, a quest for something or someone, rags to riches, an adventurous journey, rivalry between characters, solving a puzzle or mystery, survival.


* Choose one ingredient from the setting, two or three from the characters, and as many personality traits as you like. Then pick one theme and one plot.

* Create a problem for your characters and have them start acting to solve it.

* Throw obstacles in their path and make things get worse.

* Just when all looks hopeless, have them solve the problem.

* Fold in a pinch of spice (your own twist and creativity.)

* Bring everything to an end.

* Let your story rest for a while.

* Then go back, take another look, and do some editing: check grammar and spelling, amp up verbs and descriptions, check for inconsistencies, and make sure the dialogue sounds real.

* Before you finish, read it out loud. Does it look and sound like you thought it would? If not, edit some more or start fresh with a new recipe!

Happy writing!