MY UNDERPANTS ARE MADE FROM PLANTSa non-fiction picture eBook with co-author Vera J. Hurst. Publisher: Schoolwide, Inc., 2015. Only available through school system subscriptions.


AH-CHOO! A rhyming picture book about allergies, by Lana Wayne Koehler and Gloria G. Adams. Illustrated by Ken Min. Sterling Publishing. Available here.

VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES AND SOCIETY. An Opposing Viewpoints book for teens.  Available here.

THE BEST PART. This funny, heartwarming book about a brother and sister cooking together includes a recipe for buckeye candy. Ages 4-7. Available here.


FLUTTER, FLUTTER, BUTTERFLY, A Book of Colors, helps teach pre-reading skills through rhyme as different-colored butterflies flutter through the pages. A note to parents is included. Ages 2-4. Available here.